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How To Spot Fake E-Mails

I received the e-mail below last week. Initially it appears to be fairly legitimate. I removed my personal e-mail address from these.

Always check to see who the mail is from. In this example below, it appears to be from Apple but when I click on Apple, I find it is from Obviously not Apple.

A way to check on links in an e-mail without clicking on them is to let the cursor set on the link (without clicking) and a pop-up will appear showing you the actual web address as seen below. In this case, I'm pretty sure isn't the right address for me to cancel an Apple password reset.

E-mail addresses will always end and website addresses will always start with the company's domain. Thus in this example, all e-mail addresses from Apple should end in and links to their website should always start with Here are some examples of correct Apple sites and mail but the rules apply to any company:

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