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ComputerEaze History


Local computer stores like Micro Computer World mentioned below and many others were being put out of business when the "big box" stores like Best Buy, Office Depot and Office Max moved in. ComputerEaze was created with the philosophy that I would provide what they could not.

My promise to you is,

 I will provide the highest level of personalized one-on-one support with the experience and expertise to handle all your Apple software support and repair needs.
Apple IIe

Rob Sireno


Owner History


Rob Sireno, owner and founder of ComputerEaze, relocated to Fort Collins from New Jersey in 1979. He graduated from Rocky Mountain High School in 1982 and studied Electronics at Front Range Community College (then Voc-Tech) for two years. Shortly after building the first computer for FRCC, a HeathKit PC, Rob purchased his first computer in 1981. An Apple IIe.


His next experience with computers was working at Micro Computer World for seven years. Long before there were “Apple Stores”, they were the local Fort Collins Apple Dealer in the 80s & 90s.


Rob believes to really know a product, you need to own it so he does. A MacBook Pro, Mac mini, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Pencil, Apple TV, HomePods and a HomePod mini so when it comes to Apple equipment, you'd be hard pressed to find someone in Northern Colorado with more experience.

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