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iMac & MacBook Pro


We service any software related issues with any iMacs, MacBook Pros & Airs, Mac minis, Mac Studio and Mac Pro!


Turn it off. Then turn it back on.

May sound obvious but this fixes a vast array of problems. In fact, unless you're turning your Mac off every night, we recommend you restart your Mac weekly to keep it running fast and smooth. We often get the question, is it better to turn the computer off at night or just let it sleep. It's a personal choice. Neither have been proven to extend the life of a computer. The only real difference is, a computer still consumes some minor power when in sleep mode.

BTW - The turn it off, then turn it back on thing works great for . . . well . . . pretty much any electronic device including printers, scanners, hard drives, Internet modems, phones, tablets, etc.

Reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your Mac

As above, sounds involved but it's not. Just holding down the right keys at the right time. Many problems will be fixed performing the steps in this link prior to reseting the SMC. Plus the entire procedure is non data destructive. That means the only data you could possibly loose by performing these steps would be whatever document you were working on but had not saved when the problem occurred.

Reset the NVRAM on your Mac

Sounds involved but it's not. Just holding down the right keys at the right time. The link refers to NVRAM but it's more often referred to as PRAM. Same thing.

If none of that does the trick, contact us.

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