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Howard W. - Greeley, CO

We have used Computerease to resolve our computer problems for the past 15 years. These guys really know what to do every time we call them. I am in my 70's and tech challenged, inspite of that Rob has always been patient with, walking me thru the steps to resolve the issue. We have always recommended Computerease to our friends and work associates.

Tom M. - Windsor, CO

Rob and Matt repaired my laptop, charged me a fair price, and the turn around was fast. They are great to work with.

Laurie S. - Fort Collins, CO

My husband and I have used the services of ComputerEaze to repair, maintain and upgrade our home computer systems for 4 years to full satisfaction.  We have used all of the company's office-based, remote and on-site services.  

ComputerEaze is responsive and flexible in providing support when a problem emerges.  Owner Rob brings a lot of experience and expertise to his work.  This also applies to Matt who recently joined the expanding company.  

ComputerEaze has helped us resolve complex computer and software problems.  They have improved our computer security, extended our WiFi network, removed viruses from our devices, provided data recovery, and built backup systems for us.  They have setup new equipment and maintained older equipment.

We genuinely like Rob and Matt as people and see they have our best interests in mind when providing services.

Joel P. - San Francisco, CA

I had an older (2010) Apple MacBookPro computer that had suddenly died.  Rob gave me multiple scenarios regarding the possible outcomes with this computer and was willing to diagnose it without remuneration.  Once diagnosed (not worth repairing) he was willing to wait until I purchased a new computer, transferred all my hard disk data to the new computer to be paid.  He and Matt were highly professional throughout the process and I felt always gave me good advice at a more than reasonable price.  Rob even walked me through setting up my Apple Airport Time Capsule remotely once I got my new computer safely setup at home.  I got some sage advice that likely saved me from making some set-up mistakes that could have resulted in a worthless new computer.  I highly recommend ComputerEaze.  They were amazing!!

Gloria P. - Prescott, AZ

Wish I'd known about Rob when I got my first computer 20 years ago!
Would have saved myself a LOT of stress from working with techs who bluff when they don't know, deliver their explanations in a foreign language, leave me decidedly poorer than when they entered my bubble, and pose more questions than they answer.
Living in Arizona and glad Fort Collins is just a 'phone call away ~

Jean E. - Livermore, CO

ComputerEaze has saved me many times for more than 20 years. I live in the foothills. Rob has sometimes come to my home; others times he fixes problems remotely. Rob and Matt know so much about computers and peripherals. I also recommended ComputerEaze to several neighbors who now use him also. They also offer great advice on upgrades or new equipment. They are the best.

Rand C. - Fort Collins, CO

If you are a user who just wants your laptop to work or have other IT issues then ComputerEaze are the guys to go to. Rob & Matt are very competent, knowledgeable, and professional in their approach to solutions. We have worked with Rob on various issues with our laptops for the past 7 years and he has always solved the problems in a timely manner. Be it virus issues, app problems, set up, data retrieval, he will come to you or you can bring your system to their office  ComputerEaze rates are very reasonable and they will let you know costs up front so you have no surprises. HIGHLY recommend ComputerEaze, Rob & Matt are great guys!

Tucker K. - Fort Collins, CO

I've been a customer of Computereaze for 20 years and Rob has always found the time to help and assist me with all of my IT needs.  He not only resolved issues I've had with hard or software but took the time to explain how and why he made those fixes.  He has and will always be my go-to when it comes to anything IT, and I highly recommend all Computereaze's services!

Peggy G. - Fort Collins, CO

You won't find more knowledgeable, reliable computer techs than Rob and Matt at ComputerEaze.  Rob has been helping me with all my computer needs for 20 years.  In addition to my PC, he's installed / setup routers, modems, printers, external backups, Apple TV and he also helped me with my iPhone.  Everything was always done right the first time!  They have always been professional, dependable, and there's never been a problem they couldn't fix!  Their expertise is outstanding!  I highly recommend them!

Benson O. - Fort Collins, CO

Amazing service and price. I wouldn't consider going anywhere else and it's so nice Computereaze is available instead of big corporate stores.  I highly recommend!

I've been bringing my PC's and now my MAC to Computereaze for over 10 years now. Super pro, fast service at a great price. Thanks CE!!!!

Dave T. - Fort Collins, CO

Rob knows his stuff. He is easy to work with and he's fair.

Richard C. - Windsor, CO

I've had Rob help me with my iMacs (2) over the last 8 or 9 years. He is really helpful, and seems to be able to identify my problem(s) quickly and fix them. I trust him to keep my information secure. 


Atomic O. - San Francisco, CA
I've had offers from others, (neighbors mostly) to help me, and I decline for the above reasons. In my personal experience I have found that free help is almost always expensive. 

Denise D. - Fort Collins, CO

ComputerEaze is great!  They have fixed and updated my Macs as well as my PC'c and have done a great job.   Very easy to work with and pricing is always fair.   I would highly recommend.

Charyn P. - San Fransisco, CA

Kudos and many thanks to Rob & Matt for coming to my rescue with my recent computer emergency. They not only resolved my computer emergency (immediately) but they cleaned up my computer and installed a new malware program, etc., Rob & Matt are amazing and I'm so grateful they are a phone call away for future issues. Thank you Computereaze!

Brianna N. - Fort Collins, CO

I had dropped my computer and then noticed a screw was missing and a rattling sound coming from my laptop. I wanted someone to take a look at it without having to pay exorbitant prices in case there was nothing wrong. Computereaze was the only place in Fort Collins willing to look at it and run diagnostics for free to determine if there was a problem. Within a few hours of dropping it off, I received a call to consult whether or not I wanted any further work done and had it back in my hands shortly after. They are quick, very helpful, and reasonably priced.

H A. - Fort Collins, CO

Had a great experience with Rob at Computereaze. He was super knowledgeable, fair priced, and efficient. I totally trust his advice and expertise, and will be back if I ever need more IT help!

Kerri G. - Fort Collins, CO

When I opened my business, finding Rob Sireno of Computer Eaze was a Godsend.  Rob has excellent people skills, an unusual trait in an IT person, and is always patient and clear when explaining.  Most of the time, Rob has been able to help me by remoting in to my computer, which has been such a fantastic experience because it is quick, efficient, and the pricing for services is really reasonable.

Before I worked with Rob every time I had a computer glitch I floundered.  Not many computer places in Ft. Collins work with Macs and those I did find were either too expensive, unhelpful, or both.  In working with him, I learned so much and felt so much more competent as time went on.  Rob has been both a personal and a business IT guy for my family and me. I have worked with Rob for the last 10 years and  I highly recommend him and his company Computer Eaze!!!  Thank you Rob!

Katie S. - Fort Collins, CO

I could not run my business without Rob!! Highly recommended!

Since 2012 he has been our go to for IT. Our routine is dialed- I have an organized to do list, and upon arrival we chat about it, he clarifies and we make all decisions together before he gets to it, then he works efficiently and completes the laundry list of task, flawlessly! He is fairly priced (in house and remotely). He is reliable, personable, honest, and in three year there has not been one IT issue he has not been able to solve!

I couldn't even list all the little bitty issues he has been able to solve! As a business owner all you know is that IT problems are like a brick wall, business comes to a halt with IT issues and there is just no getting around it, thats when Rob comes in and allows us to get back to doing what we are good at! 

In our experience he has been able to fix ANY problems that arise with: 
Mac's/ Apple (desktop, laptop, iphones, iPads)

Google Calendar 
Back Blaze
Quickbooks, run in Parallels
One Password

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